The fishing harbor of Agathopes is situated at the southeastern part of the island in the local area of Posidonia. It is large and safe having a length of 184,00 m at the pier and 147,00 m in the eastern area.

On the inner side of the windward mole the total length is 48,00 m. The effective depth is 48,00 m. It can accomodate 97 vessels of various sizes.

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Halavazis Nikolaos


Automatic water sellers

Automatic power sellers

Fire extinguishers

Ramp lifting - boat launch

Electrical lighting


Sights nearby

Nearby the fishing harbor of Agathopes, is located one of the most visited beaches of the island.

Agathopes beach is one of the most popular beaches of Syros, just 14 km from Hermoupolis. It is a beautiful beach with golden sand and shallow waters, offering all the comforts as well as easy access by bus making it a perfect choice for a memorable day on the beach

Agathopes beach

Agathopes beach